This chapter contains a detailed example of how to get a fully functional application blazingly fast if you already have a database.

This scenario perfectly fits for you if you have fully functional or designed on database level informational system and want to get user interface to start working with it.

Microsoft test database Northwind will be used in this chapter. You can download SQL script to create this database from here.

Database is slightly modified compared with the original to take advantage of all Code Cruiser features.

Configuration file used in this chapter is available here. Custom Code archive could be downloaded here.

To be able to pass all the steps of current tutorial non free tariff subscription should be applied to your account (see Tariff activation section) and have setup you development environment.

Since we will be using database in this tutorial you should also have MS SQL Server installed on your computer or any other computer with access from your computer.

(!) Don't worry If you do not have any of these prerequisites just bypass some steps, but notice that without a proper tariff activated you will not get any source code.

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