You are welcome to create a ticket at for any issue you encounter even on free tariff.

(!) You can attach one file per comment. You you want to send us more files just write several comments.

If this is some kind of bug or issue on our side we will help you or fix it for free.

If your issue is related to your configuration or your custom code and is not a bug in business framework libraries or configuration tool you need to purchase support hours at support tab.

We will notice you in a ticket comment if this is a case.

Support hours purchase process is similar to tariff activation.

(!) To be able to purchase support hours you will need activated non free tariff.

Notice that support hours stick to selected tariff (like tariff option) and will have same due date as selected tariff.

Unused support hours doesn't go to the new tariff period.

So it is more handy to buy annual tariff subscription if you plan to use our support.

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