Tariff activation is needed to access advanced features of Code Cruiser service.

You could check a list of available tariffs and features at http://code-cruiser.com/#price

By default you have access to free tariff. This tariff allows you to configure a project with configuration tool and preview the result on our cloud by limited amount of time.

There are several steps to take to activate desired tariff:

Step 1. Login to https://cloud.code-cruiser.com. If you have no account create one.

Step 2. Select desired tariff at https://cloud.code-cruiser.com/app/TariffScreen and click button Subscribe (month) or Subscribe (year). Notice that period (month or year) influences the final price.

At the bottom of the screen you could see a list of features and their limitations for selected tariff.

Step 3. Go to tariff screen https://cloud.code-cruiser.com/app/MyTariffActiveScreen and hit Purchase button.

Step 4. After successful payment check that desired tariff column "Is Active" is checked.

You have any issues with payment please write us to info@code-cruiser.com

Notice that some tariffs has additional options to purchase. See tariff options at  https://cloud.code-cruiser.com/app/MyTariffActiveScreen,Tariff Options tab.

Tariff options could be activated in a same way as described above (time period would selected automatically, based on your base tariff).

Your tariff history is available at https://cloud.code-cruiser.com/app/MyTariffHistoryScreen.

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