This chapter will guide you through the process of preparing you development environment.

At this point you should be familiar with CC Designer. If you plan to modify exported source code then you also should be familiar with Custom Code and Code Behind.

By the end of the chapter you should get the environment to produce binaries form the exported source code.

General system requirements:

  • Windows 7 or later OS
  • ~1,5GB of hard disk space
  • MS SQL Server Express or greater (optional)

Requirements for using CC Designer:

How to setup CC Designer?

  • Download CC Designer from this link.
  • Unpack the archive
  • Run FutureTechnologies.CodeCruiser.exe

Application needs .NET Framework 4.7.1(2) to run. If it is not installed on your computer there would be a prompt to download and install it.

(!) Notice that not all Windows 10 versions support .NET 4.7.1(2). See this article about .NET 4.7.1(2) framework rrequirements.

Requirements for running server/client side:

  • IIS Express 10 (or greater), available to download by this link.

How to run server/client side?

This option is available if Export mode was executed with build option, so there are binaries to execute.

Also binaries could be produced by building process (see below how to setup system for building binaries).

To run your application run corresponding cmd files.

For example:

Run.Client.Web.IISExpress.cmd for client

Run Run.Server.IISExpress.cmd for server.

Read more on run options in Build & Run chapter.

(!) To be able to work with your application you need SQL Server installed (and a Connection to your database in CC Designer). Also see Deployment chapter.

Requirements for building server side (and desktop client):

  • Visual Studio Build Tools (.NET desktop build tools), available to download by this link.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1 Developer Pack, available to download by this link.
  • Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition or greater (optional for building, needed for coding and working with Custom Code)

To build sever (desktop client) run Build.Solution.cmd or open solution in Visual Studio.

Read more on build options in Build & Run chapter.

Requirements for building web client:

  • Node.js, available to download by this link (please select appropriate version for your OS).
  • NPM packages (run Install.Web.NPMPackages.cmd from you application source code folder)

(!) To make NPM packages installation one time procedure move \Sources\[your project name].Web.Angular\node_modules folder to upper level (above application files folder). So node_modules folder would not be deleted after next export process.

To build web client run Build.Client.Web.cmd file. Read more on run options in Build & Run chapter.

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