Code Cruiser service provides a powerful reporting system out of the box.

Reports use excel based templates with special markers.

(!) Notice that reports are currently not supported on Azure cloud

There are two scenarios of how reports could be implemented in your application.

Scenario A.

Best for non changing summary reports.

Step 1. Create report action (see detailed example at Northwind tutorial)

Step 2. Create implementation of report data processing (see detailed example at Northwind tutorial)

Step 3. Create a report template file.

Scenario B.

If there are a lot of reports that are constantly change then it is better to create a table (and Entity) for reports, store templates in a file storage and operate report like an ordinary entity.

It is possible to create any user interface for report execution and manging.

For information on creating templates see General Template Structure chapter.

There is a bunch of markers that could be used for creating report template (see corresponding chapters).

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