Code Cruiser is a low-code, rapid development software solution that makes application development quicker and easier to maintain than if you did everything by hand.

Current documentation consists of six main chapters.

Quick Start: provides base understanding of how to work with Code Cruiser. As a result you will get a simple application with one entity and CRUD functionality.

Tutorial - Northwind Database: advanced tutorial. Microsoft test database will be used to demonstrate how more complex applications could be developed fast. Code Cruiser key features like custom code, code behind and source code are described.

Working With Cloud Account: a chapter about subscription management and monitoring your Code Cruiser account.

Working With Code Cruiser Designer: user interface of Code Cruiser Designer in detail.

Fundamentals: properties of all objects that are used in Code Cruiser Designer are described in this chapter in detail.

Techniques: tips and tricks on how to be effective with Code Cruiser.

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