Extract Custom Code is a mode in Code Cruiser Configuration Tool (CC Designer) available through main menu TOOLS>Extract Custom Code.

Extract Custom Code mode is used to extract any code modifications that you made to your application source code.

Extracted code later used to apply to newly generated code (based on modified project or database structure).

Extract Custom Code mode uses two settings (settings are calculated automatically):

1) From folder - is taken from Export To property in Export mode.

2) To folder - is taken from Custom Code Path property in Export mode.

Important! Before custom code extraction procedure make sure no files are locked. Better to close all editing tools (Visual Studio, text editors, etc.)

(!) If you want to set these settings without performing Export process just open Export mode, set properties and hit Save.

See Code Behind and Custom Code chapters for details on how to work with Custom Code and make it more effective with Code Behind technique.

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