Marker is intended for adding commentaries in cell while making report.


<!COMMENT name="comment name"!>


<!ITEM text="string expression" cond="bool expression"!>[..n]



COMMENT – the main commentary marker.

name="comment name"
Commentary name. It`s unique within the template. Use it with comm attributes.

ITEMS – collection of markers. It includes commentaries and conditions for usage. Commentaries conditions are checked from top to bottom. If the condition is true, then commentary appears, connected with this condition, other commentaries are ignored.

ITEM – marker describing commentary and condition of its usage.

text="string expression"
Text expression – commentary text. (In details about expressions see Expression language).

cond="bool expression with args"
Condition (conditional expression) proposes to use marker.  In this expression use ARG1…ARGn arguments, which while calculating will be output from attribute comm_args marker, which has this commentary. (In details about expressions see Expression language).

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