After Export process you will get a folder with these contents:


  • .origin - contains source code without custom code. This folder is used by Code Cruiser Configuration Tool to Extract Custom Code.
  • _FrameworkRepo - contains Code Cruiser business framework that contains common parts for all exported applications.
  • Build - folder with binaries. This is the folder where binaries are placed by build cmd's (or by Export process).
  • BuildTools - tools for building exported solution
  • DatabaseScripts - database scripts (application db script, system tables script, system tables updates script, etc.)
  • DeployTools - tools used to deploy application via ftp protocol
  • Sources - source files of the application

There are several cmd files that should help you to build, run or deploy your application.

Each cmd file name starts with its section name. There are three sections: build, run, install and deploy.

Build cmd files

Before building you application read Setup Development Environment chapter.

  • Build.Client.Web.cmd - builds web client and places the result to \Build\ClientWeb folder.
  • Build.ClientHybrid.Android.cmd - builds web client for android and places the result to \Build\AndroidClientHybrid folder.
  • Build.ClientHybrid.Linux.cmd - builds web client for Linux and places the result to \Build\LinuxClientHybrid folder.
  • Build.ClientHybrid.Win.cmd - builds web client for Windows and places the result to \Build\WinClientHybrid folder.
  • Build.Solution.cmd - builds solution (server and optional windows native client) using msbuild. Places the result to  \Build\Server and  \Build\ClientWin folders

Run cmd files

To be able to work with your application you need to run server and one of the clients. Ports could be configured at Project properties.

  • Run.Client.Web.IISExpress.cmd - runs web client via ISSExpress.
  • Run.Client.Web.WebPack.cmd - starts web pack, used for web coding. Used in conjunction with Run.Client.Web.WebPack.IISExpress.cmd (run Run.Client.Web.WebPack.IISExpress.cmd after you executed this cmd).
  • Run.Client.Web.WebPack.IISExpress.cmd - runs data produced by webpack (Run.Client.Web.WebPack.cmd) in ISSExpress.
  • Run.Client.Win.cmd - runs windows native client if it was specified as option in Export mode.

  • Run.Server.IISExpress.cmd - runs server via IISexpress (useful to test application in production environment)
  • Run.Server.OwinHost.cmd - runs server using Owin Host (useful for debug purposes, don't forget to build server solution in a debug mode)

Install cmd files

See Setup Development Environment chapter for details.

Deploy cdm files

See Deployment chapter for details.

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